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"Terra Sigillata" and Raku ceramics

When visiting the enchanting city of Cortona one is transported into a dimension which is uniquely calm and peaceful. This traquility is evident in thousands of details of this splendid Etruscan city which dominates from high on the hill the incredible panorama below.
Tradition and the history which has been passed down over time, has made it possible to find a ceramicist who is unique in his field. Giulio Lucarini is a talented and careful Cortonese ceramicist, the sole artist to produce his objects by hand with ancient techniques and the curiosity of one who occasionally creates something new, through new inspiration and with the intent to give his works the rare beauty of pure artistry. There is a special light and beauty which is essential in the creation of the most simple objects but refined in the search for perfection and quality in every single piece that will be appreciated even more through time.

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